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Kampala is Uganda’s capital and makes a fascinating stop on your Ugandan adventure to enjoy for a day through city touring. Ugandans in general are very friendly and the city of Kampala offers a more relaxed atmosphere than its neighbor of Nairobi across the Kenyan border. It is always interesting to know about the capital of a country; after all it has got something different from the other cities. Kampala, the city displaying the treasure of its old heritage in sync with its modern infrastructure. The famous places to visit in Kampala are; Kasubi tombs, Rubaga cathedral, Namirembe cathedral, Bahai Temple, Gadafi mosque, Uganda museum, From narrow lanes of down town to the chic and modern shopping malls at the heart of the city, these posh markets in serve every one as per their tastes and preferences. Kampla is also famous for its food, one could easily get delicious snacks from fast food restaurants; which serve Italian and local food and many more or one could go to the swanky vegetarian or non-vegetarian food at the five star hotels. Uganda has different and exciting offer for all visitors from across the world. So plan a tour to the Pearl of Africa and have a delightful experience.

You can enjoy many different markets selling a variety of produce, clothing, and crafts. There are also some different attractions to see in the city itself, which will easily keep you entertained over a couple of days. These include temples, cathedrals, markets, galleries, areas of historical significance, and museums.


There is also a popular attraction that is the old Uganda National Museum which shows the cultural heritage of the country including exhibits on Uganda’s cultural and natural history.


There are also a few different galleries you can enjoy that display paintings, photography, sculptures, and exhibits from many different local artists.

On top of all, you can visit the Ndere Centre to experience the country’s traditional dance and music.