My Uganda 256 is a web portal sharing inspiring tips and stories from the Ugandan community. Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. Everyday for us Ugandans is an opportunity to take pride in who we are. Our days are not made by huge, big glories but little simple joys. And this is what this is about. For the next 256 days: we let you into our Ugandan world through different pictures.

About Uganda

Uganda is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa. Located astride the Equator, Uganda is a country where you will find the amazing mountain gorillas, over 13 primates species, great game including the big five, different cultures of over 54 tribes and religions being practiced and more. This relatively small country also has different climates and this its diversity. Ugandans are the most welcoming people on the planet and you can hardly travel without anyone saying hi.

Uganda is blessed with infinite natural beauty. The country is famous for gorilla trekking, an adventurous hike into the tropical rain forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park to see the giant mountain gorillas. The country hosts almost half of the 900 mountain gorillas left in the whole world and it is the best place to enjoy a gorilla trek in Africa. For Uganda’s charm and uniqueness, nowonder it has been voted by several travel guides including the Lonely Planet, CNN Travel, Fodors, Trip Advisor as the best destination to visit in the whole world in 2012.

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Top Places to Visit in Uganda

The beauty of the Pearl of Africa is situated in the western part of Uganda which bewitches its spectators by its snow-capped mountain of Rwenzori, ever green valleys, source of river Nile, lakes and exquisite vegetation. It is all peace and pleasure being there; that why it’s called the “Pearl of Africa”. Main attractions here are the mountain gorillas, variety of wildlife with different bird species which captivates the visitors.

The beauty of the Pearl is seen from its gifts from Mother Nature. Apart from indulging in the sightseeing, one can opt to do gorilla tracking, chimps trekking, wildlife viewing and other sports. Tourist can easily avail the service of hotels for food and accommodation. From budget hotels to the up market hotels, many options are available. The Pearl is also known for its handicraft market that are always enjoyed by those who take Uganda Safaris. So, shopping from here could also be a delightful experience.

Solo Travel in Uganda

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